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Putting Unused Produce To Work

We harvest fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.

How many of your friends arrive at work with baskets of produce that they are trying to get rid of?

Their orange tree had a bumper crop. They cannot face another avocado. The fallen fruit is attracting vermin. We can help.

One fruit tree can yield hundreds of pounds of fruit, which is generally far more than one family can consume. That is where comes in. Volunteers pick fruit from trees on private properties and public spaces, and 100% of what is collected is donated to local hunger relief agencies.

Mitch Harmatz

Orange tree full of ripe fruit image
Ripe Tomatos ready to be picked.


  • 1. Contact Food Harvesting via email or text.
  • 2. We schedule the pick with you.*
  • 3. Volunteers arrive on the scheduled date and pick your produce.
  • 4. The produce is delivered to local groups trying to stop hunger.

*Please allow 1-2 weeks to get your date. 

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To contact use the form to the right or text Mitch at:

Mitch Harmatz

**Please include a photo of your trees or garden if possible.

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